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3 Rivers Credit Card Processing Solutions

3 Rivers Payments provides credit card payment processing services to our client businesses. We consult and partner with our client businesses to ensure that they are provided with the most efficient and robust revenue driving payment processing systems available based on their business model, not ours. This includes credit card processing, gift and loyalty card programs, and the equipment required.

Unlike bank merchant services that contract with 3rd party providers that have a one provider fits all mentality, 3 Rivers Payments utilizes multiple networks to process payment transactions in order to customize our clients processing needs. This results in optimizing fees paid and increasing cash flow for optimal bottom line results.

We can provide a no obligation, apples to apples comparison, of your current credit card processor and provide recommendations on how you can optimize your current system. We are providing credit card processing for many local businesses and have lowered their costs while improving the overall effectiveness of utilizing credit cards as a payment media.

Customer service is our top priority and to accomplish that, all of our merchants have local service. You don’t have to waste your valuable time waiting on hold for customer service reps; 3 Rivers Payments will contact the customer service area for you and work to resolve the issue.

If you are interested in exploring if we can help your business maximize the effectiveness of your current payment technologies contact me on my cell number (937) 307-9893, or email me at

3 Rivers Credit Card Processing Solutions

Contact: David Collins

Work Phone: 937-307-9893

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