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Experienced Closing Services

Founded in 2002, Experienced Closing Services, LLC. is a full-service, multi-state title company servicing residential and commercial settlement needs. We are committed to providing clients with superior customer service and creative solutions to all of their real estate transaction needs. Our professional staff is dedicated to making the customers experience smooth and seamless. Experienced Closing services include:

  • Title search and clearance

  • Issuing Title Insurance Policies

  • Tax certification

  • Municipal lien letters

  • Ordering payoffs and payoff verification

  • Document and deed preparation

  • Coordinating, scheduling and notarizing a smooth seamless closing

It is important to select the best title company not just for price but for experience and service. Our job is to properly protect your ownership interests, now and for the many years you own the property.

Whether you are a consumer, lender or real estate agent you deserve the best and as your title provider we expect you will receive just that . . . the best.

Why Do You Need Title Insurance?

Title insurance plays a major role in making certain that your home ownership is free and clear of any rights or claims of prior owners. It is possible for other prior owners to hold a legitimate claim against your home. Problems with the title can limit your use and enjoyment, and potentially result in financial loss. The security interest of your mortgage lender can be threatened as well. Title insurance protects you and your mortgage lender from potential risks associated with defects in title. What kind of properties should have title insurance? Land, land and a residence, commercial properties … all real estate. 

Experienced Closing Services

Contact: Melinda McNamara

Address: 102 Broadway Street, Suite 400, Carnegie, PA 15106Work Phone: 724-972-5036Work email: Melinda@experiencedclosing.comWebsite: Review:

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